The Trench Advantage

Trench Technologies has become the ideal partner to contractors by providing exclusive, cost-effective access to the most advanced equipment and techniques for delivering high-production strategies. We have worked with contractors to complete kerf-cutting engagements at major airports, trenches cut through solid rock for utility and high-voltage cable lines, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) placements on major highways, and water/sewer/gas main installations for municipalities and commercial buildings.

Trench Technologies: A Contractor?s Ideal Partner

Trench Technologies works hand-in-hand with contractors to sharpen their competitive edge in bid pricing with:

  • Expert equipment operators with 25+ years? experience

  • Zero liability for equipment maintenance

  • Customized pricing options including:

    • Lump sum

    • Linear foot

    • Monthly/daily rentals (with Operator)

  • Express mobilizations and on-site repairs

  • Equipment customization

  • Consistent billing cycles