Trench Technologies can cut from 5? to 42? widths to virtually any specified depth through surfaces ranging from clay soils to solid rock. Specialized equipment can load spoils directly onto trucks for efficient installations and simultaneous backfill.

Fiber Optics

Our fiber optic capabilities range from installation of conduits under major highways to fiber blowing miles of cable in existing conduits.

Rock Cutting

Our rock cutting capabilities extend through even the toughest of all penetrable rock types. With our offset trenchers, we can achieve 12? to 28? widths and cut to within 8? of a standing structure. For utilities installations on existing roads, our methods are faster and more economical than blasting.

Pavement Cutting

Trench Technologies cuts through asphalt, reinforced concrete and subsurface pavement, with optional repeat passes to achieve larger widths. With waterless equipment, we can cut straight through the winter season.

Directional Drilling

Our horizontal directional drilling equipment handles various utilities materials with ?? to 12? diameters and pulls large-diameter, long-distance pipes and conduits in tight workspaces with minimal disruption to surface activities.